Man and the Deserts : the second edition of the Multidisciplinary Conference on the Natural and Cultural History of population in the Desert

MCWR2 is the seconde edition of  :  Men and the Desert. This conference is related to the work of the Franco-Jordanian Archaeological project in Wadi Ramm.

This international meeting has several objectives: to compare the results of recent interdisciplinary research on the interaction between man and the desert, strengthen the transfer of results and knowledge from scientific research to the business world and local actors.

Man and the Deserts : the second edition of the Multidisciplinary

The main subject of the second editon is : Territory and economy of mobile societies.

This theme will be gets organized around four axes:

  1. Territory and economy
  2. Conservation of natural and cultural heritages
  3. Wadi Rum local management

Driven by the desire to provide a pluri-disciplinary and trans-chronological approach, the invited speakers will present their works on the natural environment, men, and issues of management and conservation with a focus on the Wadi Rum Protected Area and its region.

Not only the purpose of the conference is to continue the research on the populations of Wadi Rum borders but also to serve as support for the authorities responsible in matters of management and monitoring of the natural and cultural assets of Wadi Rum in the context of tourism development.


Saba Farès

Professor of Languages and Cultures of Ancient Arabia. My main research topics are i. Religious Landscape and Sacred Ground ii. Territories and borders of Arabian tribes in North Arabia Peninsula based on epigraphic documents

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