Projet de mise en place d'un réseau pour un projet de gestion intégrée de l'eau

StorMer  is a laureate of the call for projects ATRI-AMORCE du LabexMed. The project proposes to carry out a collective reflection on traditional hydraulic systems of rainwater harvesting in the Mediterranean basin, one of the regions where the population is most affected by climate change and where natural water resources are lacking (no river, few springs). The project aims to study, with a diachronic and interdisciplinary approach, the resilience of the population around this basin in a context of aridification. Our project focuses on “rain-dependent” regions and populations.

Steering organisation:

LabexMed, Excellence Laboratory of the University Foundation A*MIDEX, federates 16 joint research units of Aix-Marseille University in the humanities and social sciences.


Hassan II Mohammedia-Casablanca ; Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (Jordanie); Jordan University; Hashemite University


In an environment of ‘climatic stress’, the socio-political space is constantly updated (changing community alliances). Access to water becomes a major issue imposing social alliances allowing a daily supply throughout the year.

Through the rehabilitation of old hydraulic structures, we will propose an inventory of rainwater collection and storage techniques. Our angle of approach will be interdisciplinary: historical, archaeological and environmental.


The main objective of the project

The general objective of the project is to constitute a network of partners focusing on the water issue in order to carry out a collective and interdisciplinary reflection on traditional hydraulic systems, with the aim of reinterpreting them in the light of current techniques.

Core Research Team
  • Proejct initiator and director: Saba Farès (Semitic epigraphy – Archaeology – Culture-based Community Development), University of Touluse – Jean Jaurès – Patrimoine, Littérature, Histoire (PLH EA 4601)
  • Project co-directore : Henri Amouric (archéologie médiévale), Aix-Marseille University- Medieval and Modern Archaeology in the Mediterranean Basin (LA3M – UMR 7298)
  • Fadi Balaawi (Cultural Heritage conservation), Hashimite University , Jordanie
  • Khadija Darmam (geography, politics and development), independent researcher
  • Sébastien Lebaut (geographer, remote sensing), University of Lorraine (LOTTER)
  • Kamal Mallakh (sociologist), Hassan II University, Morocco
  • Ollive Vincent (geo-archaeologist), University of Lorraine (LOTTER)
  • Elias Salameh (geologist), Jordan University, Jordan
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